With Squeezely Customer Data Platform

Go above and beyond

Most Customer Data Platforms promise ready-made solutions. That sounds easy, but in practice you quickly run into limitations. Ambitious professionals understand that sooner or later - usually sooner - you want to adjust the system to your own liking. A Customer Data Platform gives you full control over setting up your best-of-breed IT landscape. 

We don't promise the world, you build it yourself. 

Create the most advanced buyer journeys and personalization applications out-of-the-box. You work on the basis of flawless data and can arrange everything completely according to your own insight. The interface is easy to use. And if you can't figure something out, you can always contact our support. 

First party is the best party 

First-party data is becoming increasingly important as fuel for your marketing campaigns. Building a one-to-one relationship with the customer is the foundation of the customer profile and delivers the most valuable asset to your company. When you are better able to understand the needs of your customers than a competitor, it will be good for the growth of your company. 

With full control over the collected customer data, you use all opportunities for growth in practice. Share data without technical obstacles with advertising platforms such as Facebook and Google, send real-time triggers to your email package and personalize web experiences or customer service. The CDP is the engine that makes it all possible. 

By investing now in a structured approach and building the first party relationship with the customer, you are in the best position to respond to all changes in the landscape of the future. 

Our success formula is not a secret 

Developing a successful personalization strategy is always a trick. We are only satisfied when your personalization project has been successful. In order to avoid all pitfalls, we have spent a lot of time developing the ideal approach. We have already selected the most successful personalization use cases for you. A good basis is thus achieved. 

Even when it comes to specific applications, unique to your company, we always have an answer ready. We help you easily determine the optimal layout of Squeezely and achieve all your goals. 

Teamwork makes the dream work 

This approach is deeply rooted in our DNA. Our team is full of curious minds and enterprising creatures who want to improve customer contact. A team that makes happy customers with solutions that are more personal, efficient, simpler and better than before. We always prefer to keep it simple and that way we remain accessible to everyone. Move step by step towards a clear goal. That is not only the basic idea with which we want to serve our customers. That has become part of our company. That's how our software was created, and that's how we are now. That's how Squeezely's team works. Of course we do not do this alone. We always work closely with our partners and customers. Our Customer Support Team is always available, and that does not stop after the implementation process. Do you prefer a full-service approach? Our certified Squeezely partners know the platform inside out. Easily acquire the expertise you need. 

Get started quickly with your data goals 

We are happy to help you on your way. You probably see plenty of opportunities. What could be improved in your customer journey? How can you serve your customers even better? We are happy to talk to you further.

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