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Case - Ibizamode

Improve using Conversions API



Ibizamode set out to improve measurement for their advertising campaigns using Conversions API. To get up and running quickly Ibizamode used a customer data platform (CDP), provided by Facebook Signal partner Squeezely. Immediately after implementing Conversions API Cost per purchase decreased by 20% across Ibizamode’s advertising campaigns.

The future of measurement

High quality data for measurement data of campaign results is key for businesses that advertise on Facebook. Conversions API is the new standard for measurement and offers improved accuracy, while adhering to the latest standards in privacy and compliance. Implementing conversions API means advertisers can be less reliant on using pixel tracking in their websites by adding secure server side measurement on top of their existing Facebook Pixel.

Server side integrations can however take up valuable development time to set up. Specialized Facebook Signal partners have been selected for advertisers to adopt the future of measurement with ease. As an existing customer of Squeezely CDP it took Ibizamode only minutes to get set up with conversions API.

Improved measurement and lower cost per acquisition

In the two months after going live with conversions API, Ibizamode saw an uptake of up to 33% in the amount of events received by their Facebook Pixel. The amount of events measured has a significant impact on advertisers campaigns.

This results in larger audiences used for advertising, better campaign optimization as well as improved measurement of campaign results. During the period of our case study Ibizamode achieved a 20% lower cost per purchase across their advertising campaigns.

A personalized customer journey using a CDP

One of the biggest opportunities for advertisers today is creating rich digital experiences for their customers using clever data infrastructure. Squeezely provides advertisers with a customer data platform fit to integrate data across the entire customer journey. Using the platform marketing teams can leverage their data to build personalized experiences on their websites, in advertising and email campaigns.

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