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Case Lucardi

Keeping the Personalisation Strategy on Display



When it comes to jewelry, predicting purchases can be challenging. Styles, colours, and materials are endlessly combined and interchanged. Moreover, jewellery is often given as gifts more frequently than it is purchased for oneself. Thanks to the strategic approach of marketing agency Clever Strategy, jeweller Lucardi is able to define customer segments and efficiently engage different target audiences with relevant content using Squeezely.

About Lucardi

With over 100 stores, Lucardi is the largest jewellery chain in the Netherlands. Their range includes trendy jewellery, watches, and accessories for men, women, and children. Lucardi sets itself apart not only with its affordable offerings but also with inviting stores located throughout the country. Both in-store and online, customers can expect expert advice and excellent service.

Clever Strategy's Smart Move

Lucardi has been working with Clever Strategy, an established marketing agency based in Capelle aan den IJssel, since 2014. What began with the implementation of DeployTeq as an ESP has now evolved into a strategic partnership, with Squeezely playing an important role.

After the successful implementation and setup of DeployTeq, Lucardi was ready for the next step in professionalisation. Christien Blanken, Data Director at Clever Strategy, shares insights about the collaboration: "We had developed great email campaigns, but serving personalised content on a large scale proved to be challenging in practice. Lucardi has an extensive product category range, and due to the nature of the product, it's difficult to place visitors into specific segments."

To still segment (potential) customers and deliver the most relevant content through different channels, data needed to take center stage in the overall marketing strategy. This is where Squeezely excels.

A Customer Journey for Every Phase

The development of the personalisation strategy began with designing customer journeys for four different purchase phases: orientation, comparison, decision, and buyer/customer. Suitable touch points and overlays were then implemented in Squeezely for each phase, brought to life both on-site and through various marketing channels. Squeezely determines the phase customers are in and serves relevant content based on their digital behaviour.

Anouk Molendijk, Online Marketing Consultant at Clever Strategy, explains how it works: "The focus differs for each phase. For customers in the orientation phase, we primarily focus on introducing the brand and building trust by highlighting unique selling points and displaying reviews. For customers in the comparison phase, we provide more product recommendations based on the data we already have. And in the decision phase, we use social proof through pop-ups and product recommendations based on visitor behaviour. These include both embedded recommendations and overlays."

From Broadcasting to Personalised Communication

According to Anouk, this strategy has positively transformed Lucardi's communication: "Instead of broadcasting to the maximum, Lucardi now communicates much more targeted and personalised with its customers, and most importantly, at the right time." The results speak for themselves, as the average conversion rate has increased by an impressive 36% thanks to the implementation of Squeezely.

Golden Results with the Cart Abandonment Journey
If there's one journey deserving specific attention, it's the cart abandonment journey. Previously, Lucardi would send this email once a day through the website's CMS, but now it arrives in the inbox just two hours after the cart is abandoned. Moreover, with customer recognition, more visitors can be emailed than in the previous situation, which only allowed for logged-in shoppers to receive emails. The results of this enhanced journey are astounding:

62% increase in sent cart abandonment emails
323% increase in transactions from the cart abandonment journey
86% more revenue per sent cart abandonment email
201% increase in revenue

More Efficiency Thanks to the RFM Model

Despite Lucardi's long-term partnership with Squeezely, Clever Strategy continues to innovate. The RFM model, launched by Squeezely in 2022, was immediately introduced to Lucardi by the marketing agency.

With the RFM model, individual customers are classified into segments based on a score. The score assigned to a customer is determined by analysing all purchases made in the past 12 months. It takes into account how recently a customer made a purchase (recency), how frequently they make purchases (frequency), and how much money they spend (monetary). Each factor is compared between the individual customer and the average of the total customer base. The outcome determines the segment to which the individual customer belongs.

Christien explains, "The RFM scores provide insights into the added value of individual customers. This allows us to identify which customers generate the most value, which customers require extra attention, and which customers Lucardi is at risk of losing. We have developed strategies with appropriate touch points for each segment, and we are seeing good results. Currently, RFM personalisation contribute to an 11% increase in conversions."

Results and Future Plans

Overall, thanks to the implementation of Squeezely and Clever Strategy, Lucardi has taken important initial steps in the field of personalisation. They are able to segment customers based on accurate data, automatically engage them through various channels, and approach them in a more personalized manner. Ultimately, this leads to a more efficient utilisation of the marketing budget and improved customer relationships.

Clever Strategy is currently working on implementing RFM-based strategies in email, Facebook, and other advertising channels.

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