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Case - Happybee

A CDP that keeps up, when kids grow up so fast



Happybee is one of the largest online shops that sells children's clothing in the Netherlands. With its product range housing more than 150 quality brands in sizes 50- 176, Happybee clothing caters to babies, boys and girls in the age range: 0 - 16. Children’s clothing revenues have increased to €19 million in 2019 for the companies parent organization named Kinderkleding Groep (Statitics from Twinkle top 100 ecommerce companies for the Netherlands, 2019), a trend that Happybee is eager to persevere.

In order to maintain growth, it became clear that both the customer experience and web content (email and on site) needed to become more relevant to (potential) customers. Further, improved customer retention could offer significant gains. Happybee was already offering customers the option to create an account and customer profiles for their children, this information could also prove to be exceptionally valuable. By estimating the time it takes for children to outgrow their clothes, Happybee can provide customers with the right content at the right time, increasing the chance of repeat purchases.

In collaboration with e-commerce agency Yellowgrape, Happybee decided to step up their marketing and pursue a more professional approach with regards to personalisation and retention. At this time Happybee utilized a CDP that was not meeting expectations and was causing unnecessary problems. Collected data turned out to be of low quality and overlapping data flows from multiple marketing channels were being logged incorrectly. Yellowgrape and Happybee needed to find a way to solidify data collection in order to build trustworthy customer journeys. Together, they set out to find a new Customer Data Platform (CDP) that would improve the Happybee website, its email Service Provider (ESP) Clang and both parties’ ambition. Squeezely CDP was found to be the solution that ticks all the boxes.

Enriching customer profiles

By implementing the Squeezely Customer Data Platform, the first step towards an optimal customer experience was made. Squeezely tracks customer behavior and adds this information to customer profiles. For Happybee, it was important to map a customer's favorite product categories and brand. Specific customer product segments, based on this mapped information, were created and sent out through several marketing channels. Squeezely maintains customer profiles in real-time. So if a customer preference changes, so does the product segment that’s promoted through different marketing channels.

For example, Happybee was now able to map whether customers were searching for boys- or girls clothing. Squeezely makes this distinction automatically by measuring the amount of views for boys- or girls products. Using calculated fields it can be determined which gender is most applicable to promote to a customer. This will subsequently surface relevant product recommendations to that customer.

On site nudging and personalisation

As soon as a returning customer has shown a clear preference for a certain category or brand, the homepage, product- and category pages can be adjusted accordingly. Toasters, banners, embedded recommendations and takeovers all assist in getting the relevant items into the customers view. These can be items that were previously viewed by the customer, or algorithmically predicted items that the customer may very well love.

Embedded notifications are applied in real time as an on site customer resides in the “buying phase”. The notification message can of course be highly personalized to incentivise the customer. For example, an online shopping mother who has shown to be susceptible to social proof, will receive information on specific product sales in the past week. Whereas, newly orientating online shoppers are more likely to receive information containing Happybee’s unique selling points (USP’s).

Collecting as much data as possible and supplying customers with personalized experiences becomes easier when customer accounts are created. Hence, Squeezely CDP provided the option to incentivise account creation, newsletter subscriptions and first-time purchases through on site message bars and pop-ups. This is just one of many conversion boosters that weren’t previously possible for Happybee using their former CDP.

Inspirational email campaigns

Email is arguably the most effective channel to stimulate repeat purchases. Until recently, Happybee would simply send non personalized newsletters to their entire customer database. By connecting Squeezely CDP to their ESP Clang, all the collected data from the website is now synchronized and used in order to send out personalized email campaigns. Yellowgrape went ahead and built several campaigns that automatically send out personalized emails to customers that show certain on site behavior. Thanks to the CDP-ESP link, Happybee can now email customers who have abandoned their shopping cart or shown significant intention to buy. Customers who’ve spent time viewing specific product categories may receive a relevant inspirational email after having left the website without purchasing an item. Happybee is now able to effectively market new clothing collections and retain customer interest via automated email.

Lifetime campagne

Currently, Yellowgrape and Happybee are working on optimizing their retention strategy. A lifetime campaign will use view- and click data from multiple channels to expertly map out customer profiles. For how many children is the customer shopping? How old are they? Boys or girls? Which brands are they attracted to? All this data is projected on a timeline, that helps predict the time-window in which a customer should be returning for a follow-up purchase. Personalized marketing follows accordingly.

In conclusion, we can establish that Happybee has made massive progress in terms of personalisation. Both on site and via email, personalized content is being fitted to each individual customer's preferences. Besides acquisition efforts, inspirational- and reactivation campaigns are aiming more at retention of customers. Thanks to the high-quality data collection and predictive power of the Squeezely CDP, Happybee is now able to show relevant advertisements to customers at exactly the right moment in time.

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