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ZorgKiezer is the largest independent healthcare comparator in the Netherlands. The site was founded in 2005 with the idea of ​​making the health insurance market transparent and comparable. The idea was that transparency of the care offered ultimately leads to better care and lower costs. This means that you can also contact them with questions about, for example, the best hospital, the cheapest dentist or the best healthcare premium. The comparison is free. 

Every year millions of people request a quote via the site. ZorgKiezer only receives a premium from the health insurers when the insurance is actually taken out. They therefore take care of the entire switch and are always available afterwards for questions about the insurance. For an insurance policy they receive an average of 18 euros per year, based on a policy term of 5 years. By making agreements with health insurers, they can also offer their visitors collective discounts at, among others, Nationale Nederlanden, Menzis, Ohra, ONVZ and Zorg & Zekerheid.

Lead Generation

A comparison website like ZorgKiezer is actually a big funnel. After all, it's all about ensuring that visitors leave all the necessary information on ZorgKiezer and then make a choice for a new health insurance policy. Lead generation pur sang. 

Busy Market

As a real disruptor, ZorgKiezer was able to grow undisturbed for years by using advertisements on TV, radio and out-of-home. However, the sector in which ZorgKiezer operates has become a lot more complex in recent years. As a good example, quite a few comparison platforms have been added. The health insurance market itself is also quite saturated and can be recognized by the fierce competition. Switching health insurers is only possible in a short period of time. The offer is huge and quite like-minded. Thus, a huge challenge for the marketers. In seven weeks, an annual budget is spent with campaigns and in the end the majority of people only switch over between Christmas and New Years.

Data-driven survival

To survive in the midst of marketing violence and perhaps even be able to scale up, there was a strong need at ZorgKiezer to make the strategy data-driven. The main goal here was the ability to create a mix of channels that would become more personal and efficient than ever before. Think of individual information provision for customers, but also simplifying the switching process. ZorgKiezer joined e-commerce agency Yellowgrape to develop this strategy in order to increase the return of the marketing channels. In the switching season of 2020/2021, which lasted only 7 weeks, ZorgKiezer should achieve a growth in switchers of no less than 30%

Plan of Approach

Yellow Grape was the right fit for this challenge Add a two-pronged strategy. On the one hand, obtaining new leads played a major role, as ZorgKiezer wanted to grow considerably. On the other hand, they tried to make existing customers aware of the fact that they could choose health insurance via the platform again this year.

Switch Fast

The switching season for a new health insurance is very short. This is also because it is not known until relatively late in the year what will change. On the third Tuesday of September, Prinsjesdag, the cabinet announces the legal changes to the basic insurance for the coming year. This is seen as the starting signal to start campaigning for the switch to another health insurer. Because about half of the people switch in the last week, there is a funnel of weeks. During that period, a lot of use is made of comparisons on ZorgKiezer, but also with competing platforms and insurers. To make and keep the campaign effective in this busy and short period, a so-called 360-degree customer profile was needed. By logging all behaviour in a Customer Data Platform from the very first interaction, you immediately build a 360 degree customer profile. This is also directly the basis of the one-to-one personalisation during the campaign. The more data that is available, the more targeted it becomes.

360 Degree Customer Profile

Squeezely gives you a crystal clear overview of all relevant data per customer. Who is the customer, which events have taken place, in which customer phase is someone? The fields can be completely adjusted within Squeezely to your own preference, so that you immediately and only see what you want to see. The customer profile combines CRM data with someone's behavior on the website. Everything neatly in one central place.

Just fill it in!

When you arrive at the homepage, the visitor must first enter some basic information before they can continue. Think of gender and age, but also family situation. All this information is used in Squeezely to build the profile of the visitors. And that is necessary, because in the busy and short period everything has to be done to achieve conversion. By logging all the behavior in precisely from the first interaction, they immediately built a 360-degree customer profile. That is also the basis of the one-to-one personalization during the campaign. The more data that is available, the more intricate this becomes. 

Ready to start? Email!

The switching season therefore always kicks off with Prinsjesdag. Then email is of course the channel of choice to announce the government's plans with regard to health insurance. Then the orientation phase begins. In Squeezely's CDP, visitors can be automatically added to an audience that belongs to this phase. Many people already start looking around after Prinsjesdag, but at least half postpone the switch until the last days of the year. This is an excellent opportunity for the e-mail channel, which is fully exploited in this way step by step and per phase.

Profile Enrichment

In the weeks leading up to November 12, they are fully committed to profile enrichment to improve the personal situation. mapping of customers. A change in care needs or family composition has a major influence on the personal care advice. During the campaign they use, among other things, on-site behavior to further refine the advice and make it as accurate as possible

Save My Results

Secondly, they give visitors the opportunity to Save and email viewed policies and results to themselves so they can complete it at a later date. A clever trick to increase the database as well. They were able to set up the pop-up as shown below in Squeezely without too much technical knowledge. 

From this email, which can also be triggered from Squeezely, you can click directly to the 'drop-out moment' in the comparator and the visitor's details are pre-filled in.

Premium Alert

Thirdly, they set up a premium alert campaign, which they were in the inbox immediately after the announcement of the new premiums. The campaign was an important part of the lead generation enormously. m to conquer a top-of-mind position among the comparators from the very first moment. Thanks to the new automations, the e-mail channel fits in perfectly with the customer journey and therefore plays a major role in converting new visitors into customers.


ZorgKiezer is an ideal example for deploying a Customer Data Platform to improve lead generation. By reminding visitors at smart moments and by making the lead generation process simpler, it is possible to get more leads from your website.

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