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Become 100% in control over collection, enrichment and benefits of your customer data

Don’t just buy a solution, build it with Squeezely CDP

Most Customer Data Platforms promise ready-made solutions. This may sound easy, but in reality you’ll find a lot of limitations. Squeezely CDP gives you the opposite; full control without limitations. Our clients are ambitious professionals who understand that, sooner or later, you’re going to want to make the system work for you.
Squeezely gives you unmatched flexibility to build on your next big idea. Providing you with high-quality customer data and the tools you need to understand and build advanced buyer journeys and personalisations. Our user interface is intuitive and user friendly. Should you need any help, just let us know. We are always ready and passionate about making things work. Welcome to Squeezely.


How our clients use Squeezely

A personalised offer for every island visitor
Quality and customer experience first
How a travel platform was taken to the next level
Kees Smit Garden furniture has been innovating for 75 years
Improve using Conversions API
Better service with personalized advice
Customer data as a supplement for ambitious growth
A CDP that keeps up, when kids grow up so fast
Customer relationships built on personalized interactions