Personalization Professionals

Providing solid fundamentals for ambitious teams

Getting the right marketing data into your preferred marketing tools can be quite a challenge. A challenge that every marketing specialist, company owner and IT department will have encountered many times. Whilst continuously facing this challenge ourselves, we decided back in 2016 that it was time for a solution: Personalized marketing for all channels, conveniently brought together in one clear platform.

Our aim has always been to help companies in every type of industry with our solution. Therefore, we set out to design a platform that would eliminate high costs, time consuming implementation programs and confusing user interfaces. Squeezely is easily implemented through one of our many plugins and can be expanded to anyone’s liking with our flexible development tools. This convenient approach has been lauded by market leading companies from around the world. Every week, more and more companies are adopting Squeezely’s integrated approach for personalized marketing across all of their channels. This is what we love to do.

The ambitious Squeezely team

Bringing our vision to life requires a great team.

Based in the Hague, we are always looking to improve our solutions. Customers are quick to get their questions answered and we always go the extra mile to ensure that your new project hits the ground running. Haven’t tried out Squeezely yet? Our consultants are readily available to show you how our solutions can benefit your company. Together we keep moving forward.

Want to join this growing team? Check out our new job openings in development, customer success and sales.

We’d like to share the key to success

Developing successful personalization strategies is never an easy task. Hence, we always stay committed to your personalization project and work hard to ensure that great results start pouring in. In order to avoid common pitfalls and mistakes, we’ve invested a lot of time into developing a unique approach to customer success. Squeezely customers get insights into the mechanics of our most successful use-cases. Providing a solid fundament in any of your own personalization use-cases. Whether your marketing challenges are common or highly specific to your industry, we are always ready to assist. Together, we can make Squeezely work for you and see that all your goals are achieved.

In our view, working together is the key to success. Squeezely offers easy connectability to your favorite marketing channels. Popular tools like Analytics, Advertising, Email and E-commerce can be fed with your data within minutes. This way, you can immediately start creating personalization in the tools that you know best. Would you rather prefer a full-service approach? Not a problem. Pick one of our certified Squeezely partners, whom know the platform inside out.

Proud of your results

We’ll only be satisfied once your project is successful. This is why we’re always happy to answer your questions and actively contribute to your upcoming personalization projects. Continuously moving towards better results, this is our goal. When we succeed, we are proud. Please take a look at these great results achieved by Micazu, Happybee and XXL Nutrition. Let’s hope that we can soon list your company here too!

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