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Forget about complicated codes and tied ends. Our solutions come standard equipped with a connection that you can activate with a few clicks. Whether you want to synchronize customer profiles, product sets, target groups or triggers. Squeezely takes care of it for you.

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B2B Lead Identification

Never miss a lead and enhance the relevance of your campaigns with B2B Lead Identification. This technology helps you identify potential customers and guide them towards conversion with the right content.


Create personalised content flows and enhance the relevance of your communication with Webpower's marketing automation software. Connect Webpower with Squeezely and you will sitting on a goldmine.

Squeezely Search

The search functionality on your website is a crucial driver of conversions. With the features of Squeezely Search, you optimize search results and product listings on your website, maximizing both relevance and profit. Add your data from Squeezely to the mix, and you create the optimal on-site experience for every customer.


Gain even deeper insights into your target audiences, their purchasing behaviour, and customer lifespans with Squeezely's RFM module. Utilise these insights to enhance customer lifetime value through targeted campaigns for each segment.

Eazy is the solution for optimising your customer service. With Eazy, you connect all your communication channels and customer data into one Multi-Channel Inbox, easily distribute tasks among your team members, and achieve the best omni-channel customer experiences.

Meta Pro

With the Conversions API, you synchronise first-party data in real-time from Squeezely to Meta and back. This leads to higher match rates (EMQ scores), reaching larger audiences, and improving the relevance of your advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.


DotDigital provides omnichannel marketing solutions for the best customer experiences. Enhance these solutions with first-party data from Squeezely to communicate even more effectively with customers, enhance customer engagement, and increase your revenue.

Spotler Mail+

Email becomes truly powerful when you feed it with up-to-date customer data and have the right tools at your disposal. With Spotler Mail+ and Squeezely, you make the most of your email and achieve the best results.


With Spitche's Loyalty solution, you leverage loyal customers to grow your brand. Set up reward programs to enhance customer engagement and turn your customers into loyal ambassadors. Integrate this end-to-end solution with Squeezely to leverage all customer data to the fullest and contiously optimise results.