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360 degree customer profile

Ultimate overview at customer level

Squeezely gives you a crystal clear overview of all relevant data per customer. Who is the customer, what events have taken place, what customer phase is someone in? The fields can be fully customized, so that you immediately see only what you want to see. The customer profile combines CRM data with someone's behavior on the website. Everything neatly in one central place, how nice is that! Of course CDP is about groups, but often enough you want to zoom in on the customer level. Squeezely's 360 degree Customer Profile makes it easy and effective.

Audience segmentation

Limitless possibilities, great convenience

With the rich spectrum of data points per customer, you can quickly build relevant target groups. You can do that with the acclaimed Audience Builder. The starting point for a group is often a shared event (eg viewed product group) or shared property (man, woman…). You are at the controls and the variables are endless. Thanks to the super clean interface it's a piece of cake. You link actions to the groups. This can be done both on the website and externally; on the socials, in ads and mailings. Squeezely's Audience Builder combines limitless possibilities with great ease.

Channel synchronization

The magic happens when everything falls together

Synergy between channels is the holy grail in online marketing. Squeezely makes it easier than ever. With childlike simplicity you reach your target groups on the external channels. In this way, you can build comprehensive buyer journeys in no time, in which the channels connect seamlessly. The channel synchronization in Squeezely is groundbreaking. That's good news, because the magic happens when everything comes together. Discover for yourself what it means for your business.

Journey builder

Drag, drop, test, tweak - the happiness of our one of a kind Journey Builder

Have you ever played with Lego? Then you will nostalgically enjoy our unique drag & drop Journey Builder. It allows you to easily drag all possible actions and features in the order you prefer. This way, you easily build insightful flowcharts around different scenarios. If desired (yes, you want that...) you can build in real-time triggers to external systems. Whatever you set up: Squeezely keeps track of how people react. This way you immediately see what works and you can make adjustments quickly. Tweaking has never been easier.

Product recommendations

For pleasantly surprised customers

Making accurate recommendations is core business for every retailer, whether they sell products or services. Squeezely takes finding and creating the right product recommendations to the next level. Using collaborative filtering, Squeezely shows how you reach maximum relevance, both in terms of products and phase of purchase or orientation. From matching products to alternatives, real-time on the website or via the external channels - everything can be arranged flexibly and can be measured perfectly. Count on pleasantly surprised customers.

Website personalisation

I see, I see… what you want to see – the power of personalisation

Squeezely contains the widest possible range of personalisation tools. This ensures that your website adapts to each individual visitor, depending on preferences, purchase phase or many other criteria. Meanwhile, you can A/B test everything you implement. Squeezely makes comparing both easy and insightful. With Squeezely YOU are in control.

Realtime persuasion

The art of seduction

Whoever sells seduces, that is the nature of the game. But seduction has rarely been as potent as it is today, for those who use it well. With the Real Time Persuasion tools in Squeezely you get an arsenal of seduction techniques that would even make Cupid jealous. With these tools you communicate in real time with your website visitors. For example how many products are (left) in stock, when the product they are viewing was last purchased, or that they just stumbled upon a rare bargain. We regularly see significant conversion increases, based solely on real-time persuasion.

A/B autopilot testing

The only way is up… for those who test

Long live that good old gut feeling – in the end, marketing is also just a human job. But where the results of your genius ideas used to be somewhat estimable at best, now it can be measured to the nearest decimal point. Everything you can configure on Squeezely is equipped with fully automatic A/B testing. Moreover, you can let Squeezely test different options for you. It immediately shows you what works, what doesn't work and above all: what works best. Our A/B Autopilot inevitably drives your conversion higher and higher, while you sit back and think about new and even better ideas. The dreamed-for collaboration between man and machine…


Check out our other apps

B2B Lead Identification

Never miss a lead and enhance the relevance of your campaigns with B2B Lead Identification. This technology helps you identify potential customers and guide them towards conversion with the right content.


Create personalised content flows and enhance the relevance of your communication with Webpower's marketing automation software. Connect Webpower with Squeezely and you will sitting on a goldmine.

Squeezely Search

The search functionality on your website is a crucial driver of conversions. With the features of Squeezely Search, you optimize search results and product listings on your website, maximizing both relevance and profit. Add your data from Squeezely to the mix, and you create the optimal on-site experience for every customer.


Gain even deeper insights into your target audiences, their purchasing behaviour, and customer lifespans with Squeezely's RFM module. Utilise these insights to enhance customer lifetime value through targeted campaigns for each segment.


Eazy is the solution for optimising your customer service. With Eazy, you connect all your communication channels and customer data into one Multi-Channel Inbox, easily distribute tasks among your team members, and achieve the best omni-channel customer experiences.

Meta Pro

With the Conversions API, you synchronise first-party data in real-time from Squeezely to Meta and back. This leads to higher match rates (EMQ scores), reaching larger audiences, and improving the relevance of your advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.


DotDigital provides omnichannel marketing solutions for the best customer experiences. Enhance these solutions with first-party data from Squeezely to communicate even more effectively with customers, enhance customer engagement, and increase your revenue.

Spotler Mail+

Email becomes truly powerful when you feed it with up-to-date customer data and have the right tools at your disposal. With Spotler Mail+ and Squeezely, you make the most of your email and achieve the best results.


With Spitche's Loyalty solution, you leverage loyal customers to grow your brand. Set up reward programs to enhance customer engagement and turn your customers into loyal ambassadors. Integrate this end-to-end solution with Squeezely to leverage all customer data to the fullest and contiously optimise results.