Our Approach

A Customer Data Platform can be a complex matter, but we like to make it simple for you. With a clear objective and a clear implementation you can start quickly.

What can you expect from us?

Is something not right? Then our support is ready for solution-oriented support. Want to take Squeezely to the next level? Then we will help you with our advanced training courses.

This is how we keep building to achieve ever better results.
Keep Building Better

Frequently asked question

"Are we ready for a Customer Data Platform?"


Map out the current situation

Ready for start?

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Do you want to know if you are ready to start with a Customer Data Platform? Read our blog about starting with a CDP. Based on that, we can schedule a demo to see what Squeezely can do for you.

Frequently asked question

'How do we ensure that we get the most out of our Customer Data Platform?'


Determine objectives

Begin with a plan


Formulate your strategy. What are your objectives? What are you betting on at the moment? Where do you want to go? Check our Success Cases for quick results. Make a plan and put it on paper.

Could you use some extra hands with the strategy and/or execution? Then we recommend using the expertise of our partner network. For more information, take a look at our page about it partnernetwerk.

Frequently asked question

"We can start! How does that work?”


Get to work

A good start

Implementation and onboarding

Get an Onboarding Project in the Squeezely Help Center, where our experts are ready to guide you and receive tailor-made steps! When the steps are completed, the incoming data is checked by our experts. Everthing allright? Fly off the grid with our video’s in which we explain the basics and Success Cases extensively with examples. Questions? Schedule a call for answers from your personal expert.

Frequently asked question

"How do we ensure that we continue to grow after a successful start?"


Do the advanced training

Keep building better

CDP to the next level

Have you completed the Success Cases and want to go to the next level? Be inspired in an Advanced Training in which our experts give you the tools to translate abstract ideas into concrete cases! Do you have Squeezely running all the way? Then our advanced training courses are designed to take everything to a new level.

Get to work?

If you want to know more about the fastest way to get started with Squeezely, request a demo quickly.

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