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Gets valuable data insights

Who is 4orange?

The all-round data specialists at 4orange bring structure to the data landscape. As a result, more insight is created and opportunities can be acted upon much faster. From setting up automated marketing processes to data consultancy, 4orange is there for you to get your base in order and to take control of all data available within your organization.

Data Science as a Service

Do you temporarily need a data scientist or analyst? Then get to know 4orange's Data Science as a Service (DSaaS). With DSaaS you can temporarily bring in highly qualified experts on a project basis or on hourly basis. DSaas can be used for numerous data analyzes or the creation of insights.

In addition to the quick start, flexibility and the load of expertise, you also get access to unique datasets. 4orange has the largest and richest database in the Netherlands. Think of psychographic data and all socio-demographic variables. You also get access to worldwide B2B data.

Go one level deeper with 4orange Connect

With 4orange Connect they draw the link between data, insight and results. It makes it very easy to bring together data sources from different operational systems and combine them with the website data from Squeezely.

Every day, all website data is read from Squeezely and combined with data from other sources. This provides tactile insights that you can apply directly in the customer journey with Squeezely. The data environment of 4orange Connect offers flexible, futureproof tooling aimed at custom data modeling and deeper insights from various data sources.

Integrate online and offline data

You can connect 4orange Connect to Squeezely with a simple implementation process. By getting started with Squeezely's Use Cases, you will immediately get off to a sharp start.

In no time at all, everything is organized in such a way that you can quickly use all the options. In addition, they are experts at 4orange in linking, organizing and making the combination between online and offline data useful.

Data enrichment

At 4orange they have built up a unique market expertise about all Dutch households through years of continuous research themselves. With all these insights, predictions can be made per case about, for example, the phase of life the household is in, the estimated income and education level. By supplementing this with other data sources, such as BAG, customer data can be segmented even better and campaigns can be executed even more sharply.

Highly Qualified & Engaged Professionals

In-house at 4orange they have data scientists, analysts, data engineers and developers with whom we offer a wide range of data solutions. For example, they offer services related to data warehousing, hosting data on premises, and analysts who work on location. 4orange has a great team of experts where the possibilities are endless. They are always ready and thinking along with you.

4orange in the future.

With 4orange Connect they continue to gain experience in connecting new tooling, but we are also innovating in-house in the field of data science and AI. For example, we are working on mapping out the distribution of solar panels on houses for customers in the energy sector using an algorithm. A good example of custom made data enrichment and integration in our software.