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Prepared for tomorrow's marketing

Clever Strategy: A team of over thirty specialists who together change the marketing profession by bringing supply and demand closer together in a smarter way. The working method is always 'data-driven & fact-based'. Knowing, measuring and thinking everything from the perspective of return and customer satisfaction. That way, they help your business grow. As real Rotterdammers, they can therefore completely agree with the statement “Less talk, more action!”. They make the difference with a clenched fist and a big smile!

As modern marketers, Clever Strategy does the marketing of tomorrow. They continuously prepare their clients for the changing media landscape and embrace the technological revolution. In this way they work together on your success, with the team and partners. Together they take on the challenge of achieving higher returns and avoiding budget waste.

Multiple disciplines under one roof

Unique DNA
At Clever Strategy you will find several disciplines under one roof. Think of strategy, media, web, shops, and data. A combination with which they are happy to take on your performance challenges. They use lean & mean marketing. An approach with smart technology that is extremely effective and efficient!

Personalization by customer data in Squeezely
Data and modern technology are the holy grail with which Clever Strategy learns everything about the consumer in order to serve him or her perfectly. From the idea of measuring and knowing everything, Squeezely fits this way of thinking perfectly. They are therefore very happy that they can already use Squeezely for various customers.

Personal and relevant communication on the website

In Squeezely they collect a lot of customer data and the customer is central by showing them personal and relevant communication on the website. With Squeezely, they predict which purchase phase someone is in, what type of customer they are and which products the user is interested in. They convert this data into customer journeys to reach the right user at the right time with the right message.

Effective email communication by Squeezely
In Squeezely, they collect user profiles to base segments on. They forward this data to an email platform (ESP). In this way, users in the email database also see personal and relevant content from Squeezely when they need it.

Show ads only to the right people

They also turn these segments into look-a-like audiences in Squeezely that they use to target ads. They focus on conversion, return and customer satisfaction. Now they make media communications even more relevant, websites more personal and they realize more turnover with data.

The Clever Strategy way

At Clever Strategy they are proud to already serve several customers with Squeezely and have the ambition to expand this further. The design of Squeezely is different for every customer, because every customer has their own goals and wishes. Squeezely is perfect for this!

During onboarding, Clever Strategy works with a 15-week action plan. They divide these into three phases: preparation, design and initial analysis and optimisations. In this they put a basic journey live and work out a roadmap with the next steps. They are also big fans of our new RFM module. With the insights that the module gives them, they expand the basic journey and focus on customer retention and repeat purchases.