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Funnelboost is a passionate team of email and personalization specialists with a cut-the-crap mentality.

With over 9 years of experience in personalization, CRM and email marketing, Funnelboost helps their customers from the office in Vianen to better personalize the (online) customer journey and boost conversion rates. They do this with a cut-the-crap approach: pragmatic, personal and based on data analyzes of customer target groups to make personalizations as effective as possible. Don't expect endless slide decks and long lead times, but short lines for a quick route to success!

Funnelboost is specialized in setting up personalization strategies for e-commerce, online retailers and B2B e-commerce, but if your business does not fit into one of these categories, they are also happy to take on the challenge with you.

Let's make it personal!

101% increase in leads with Squeezely for

Babydrogist's question was simple. Using Squeezely's personalization platform as successfully as possible to generate more leads and boost conversion rates. Oh, and preferably live yesterday if possible.

Such challenges make Funnelboost's personalization and email hearts beat faster. They have drawn up a personalization roadmap for Babydrogist to make an impact as quickly as possible in a short period of just a few weeks.

One of the use cases was a lead acquisition campaign in which they put six personalization variant A/B tests of a lead acquisition pop-up live and with results! One of the variants produced a spectacular result, which ultimately resulted in 101% more leads after going live compared to the old variant.


They're not called Funnelboost for nothing. They give a boost to all phases of your marketing funnel. With the unique personalization framework, they can help you optimize your marketing strategy. Because a personal experience is becoming increasingly important in today's digital world. With a good online and offline experience that perfectly matches all needs, you can continue to distinguish yourself.

What makes Funnelboost unique, besides the pragmatic approach, is the connection of personalizations to all retargeting channels. Personalization use cases at Funnelboost are not limited to the domain of the website. They always make sure that they look at the complete customer journey so that the same message is told across all marketing channels.

Cut The Crap

Funnelboost works in a fixed personalization framework which is based on a proven conversion optimization approach. They start with an analysis phase to ensure that they provide insight into where the bottlenecks are in the customer journey. Because who wants personalization that has only a minimal effect on your conversion rates?

They then go in five short steps from devising personalizations to putting them live. This is followed by the test period, after which they thoroughly analyze whether the personalization was significantly successful.

Clear right?
Cut The Crap!

They eat Squeezely for breakfast,
lunch and dinner!

So do you want to get started with personalization and are you still looking for an experts who can help you on your way in no time with both strategy and execution? Look no further! With a complete team of personalization marketers and developers, Funnelboost is ready to help you.

Let's make it personal!