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Who is Increase?

Increase is growing fast as a digital agency, located in the middle of the Netherlands, Amersfoort. With over 25 experienced digital marketers, they have a broad customer portfolio of companies and brands in diverse industries across Europe. Not only does Increase grow, they also make their customers grow. They achieve this growth with their proactive approach. Every digital issue requires its own solution. One size fits all therefore does not goes with Increase, every customer deserves their own approach!

An important part of Increase's success is the intensive collaboration they have with their customers, in addition, the collaboration between specialists is also very important. A committed partner that you can fully trust is indispensable in a rapidly changing and innovative market. Their involvement ensures that they go the extra mile and continue where others stop.

The Core Values of Increase

Growth & development
Every day they want to get a little better. Continuous development and growth ensures an even better end result. This applies not only to Increase itself, but also to their customers.

The base for every collaboration is that you can trust each other. Colleagues among themselves and cooperation with customers. Increase is 100% reliable and they ensure that they are transparent in their communication. They make clear agreements and keep them.

The base of continuous growth is that initiative is taken and proactive thinking along with the customer. At Increase, the specialists are given the freedom to take initiative when things can be improved or to seize new opportunities.

The fact that there is a lot of freedom and space to take initiative within Increase ensures that the specialists also have a great sense of responsibility. Taking responsibility creates trust in each other and they expect the same from each other.

At Increase they are involved with their customers and colleagues. They are dedicated to our work and therefore very enthusiastic. As a result, they give a little more gas for that one customer who needs it or they offer help to each other.

The method of working

At the moment, Increase finds itself in a market in which developments and innovations follow quickly. To be successful in this market, it is important to be a reliable partner who is always involved and who gives that little bit extra throttle when needed. At Increase they are committed to growing companies in a qualitative way. Their hands-on mentality is woven into the work, in which they combine innovation, data and technology. Squeezely will also help with that.

Every customer deserves customization, so there is no 'one size fits all' approach at Increase. Within this customization they ensure that growth is central. Increase therefore does not offer standard advice, but develops a strategy that helps you achieve the goals you have set.

Would you like to know more about the method of Increase? Then read the case of that they executed with Squeezely.

More than growth

Every day at Increase, they keep an eye on where the growth is coming from and how they can speed up the process to optimize results. In other words: what can we do? The basis of the growth is that they have insight into all data and that it is optimally accessible for everyone. Every customer receives a dashboard that is completely customized. All data is linked and made transparent in this dashboard. All costs are then clear and you can see what your turnover is based on the data.

With Squeezely, they then take the personal strategy to the next level and you are ready for the cookieless era.

Increase is the specialist in the field of personalization marketing. They can test from a fixed framework to increase conversion. In addition, they continuously optimize, so that they always get the optimal return from your investments.