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We’re a Meta Business Partner

A customers never-ending experience on the Meta platforms starts with a solution from a Meta Business Partner. Welcome to Squeezely, the technology that will help your business succeed with Meta. 

Ready for the future

Meta Pro is a more secure and accurate way to transfer conversion data for your advertising campaigns. By installing one line of code, your pixel data will be enriched for better matching and conversion events will be sent to conversion API through a server-to-server connection. As a result, your campaigns will receive more conversion data for optimizations and audiences will experience better match rates. Our easy to use app was designed to provide advertisers with a quick solution to capture all the benefits Meta Pro has to offer.

Big changes are happening in the cookie world. For several years now, browsers, such as Safari and Firefox, have been able to block applications of cookies. Third party cookies are on their way to the exit and that can have serious consequences for running good campaigns. With Meta Pro, you only use first party cookies. You manage your own data, so you keep in control.

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High quality signals to improve ad results

Achieve higher Event Match Quality (EMQ) scores with Meta Pro. Now you can improve your campaigns by providing matching keys from 360 profile with events. It uses a resilient, privacy-first method by sending identified signals directly over a server-to-server connection. Higher EMQ scores result in improved campaign performance on Meta

Discover better with Meta

As a Meta Business Partner, we can better serve you by delivering solutions that help you achieve your business priorities more quickly on across Meta’s platforms.

Squeezely continues to transform our clients’ marketing environments while expanding their Meta powered capabilities through a combination of richer integrations and deeper insights all supported by being a Meta Business Partner. Through our Meta Pro offering, you can redefine the way you reach your customers through secure and efficient technologies while adhering to your customers privacy requirements.

What Ibizamode achieved

➤ Integrated Customer Experience
➤ Improved ad personalization
➤ Website responds to user behavior in real time
➤ Behavioral product recommendations
➤ Follow up in real-time with personalized e-mail triggers

Improved measurement and lower cost per acquisition

In the two months after going live with Meta Pro, Ibizamode saw an uptake of up to 33% in the amount of events received by their Facebook Pixel. The amount of events measured has a significant impact on advertisers campaigns.

This resulted in larger audiences used for advertising, better campaign optimization as well as improved measurement of campaign results. During the period of our case study Ibizamode achieved a 20% lower cost per purchase across their advertising campaigns.

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