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Breeding ground of data, marketing and technology.

With Silicon Valley as an example of a breeding ground where innovations in technology and online marketing arose, together with the real Dutch (Orange) mentality, the name combination name OrangeValley was born in August 2008.

Combination of Leading Agencies

OrangeValley Group will be the group name behind the agencies OrangeValley, Copper IM, BlueElevation, MetaDimensions, Brooklyn Media & Technology, OrangeValley Professionals and Aubergine IT from July 2022. The combination of leading agencies, each with their own specialism, forms a powerful and valuable collaboration in the pursuit of a full service data driven digital agency. They work together from the same vision and approach, with the focus on connecting marketing, data and technology.

At OrangeValley they have the ambition to be the best full service data driven digital agency in the Netherlands. Both for clients, but also for ambitious professionals who want to grow and want to work with experienced colleagues and leading (international) clients.

Maximum Synergy

They operate together with all OrangeValley Group consultants and with the customer to deliver top performance as one team. Innovation and the urge for continuous optimization ensure that they work together intensively and find the best possible solution for our clients, regardless of which of the agencies has expertise. As a customer, you get a dedicated customer team who ensure that all opportunities in the digital channel are used to the maximum.

Data Driven Digital Growth

At OrangeValley, they lay data as the foundation for growth in marketing and business objectives. Data is clear and patient. If the competition changes, your target group develops new behavior or new online channels and techniques are added, they will see this in the data and thereby improve the marketing approach and results in a targeted manner.

By analyzing data about target groups, needs, behavior and successful contact moments, new chances. Small adjustments quickly have an effect. Larger adjustments sometimes take longer and require more adjustments within the organization. Due to the data-driven approach, in which they take into account the maturity level of the organization, they achieve the desired effect. Thanks to the same data-driven digital marketing approach, they have created successful (award winning) cases in many markets.

Full Service Marketing Partner

for your digital result

The digital world is constantly changing, with data and technology at the center of its development. The digital marketing channel is becoming a vital part of the value chain for more and more organizations. This requires well-founded strategic decisions. Choices made based on the certainty that data offers and using innovative technology to activate that data.

At OrangeValley, they help organizations to develop a competitive advantage in this playing field. With thoughtful data-driven strategies and also creativity, using innovative technologies. Everything aimed at increasing value for our clients' customers in the digital channel.

The adult consumer

and the online marketing organizations

In improving online results, almost everything is interesting, but not everything is relevant. How do you set the right priorities? In addition to our successful short-term improvements, they also work with the right approach for the online marketing maturity level of our clients. By using the knowledge level of the employees, the data-driven approach and also the marketing technology used, they achieve a better result in the short term, but they also ensure a structural and sustainable performance improvement.

"In our working method we are used to working together with the online marketing specialists of our clients. We share our knowledge and working methods to improve the knowledge level of our clients."

At OrangeValley they are used to working with a multitude of tools. That is why a number of international partners with top technology have access to the latest (beta) updates.

Knowledge sharing is an important factor for us. They do this by determining the maturity level for the various online marketing activities. Based on this maturity level, it becomes clear what the focus areas are that yield the most return at that level.

This then provides input for the effort/gain scaling, creating a very concrete overview that can be worked on to achieve an optimal result. OrangeValley distinguishes four maturity levels that indicate all online marketing activities at that time.

"At OrangeValley we believe in the power of sharing, especially when it comes to the knowledge we have in house. That is why our specialists have set up a range of different training courses, in which experienced professionals from the field teach you how to get a better grip on your own online marketing."