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Together, ahead in digital!

Strategy, webshop design, technology and online marketing under one roof. valantic has 30 years of experience as a Dutch digital commerce specialist and 150 specialists in the Netherlands and 2000+ European colleagues. valantic is your full service digital partner to achieve digital business success.

Since 2021, ISM eCompany is officially part of valantic, the number 1 for digital transformation and one of the leading digital solutions, consultancy and software companies on the market in Europe. They also officially use this name since 2022.

Digital transformation is never done.

Working together and continuing to challenge the status quo is crucial to stay ahead. At valantic they are your challenger, your accelerator and also just your colleague.

➤ From strategy to execution to realize (digital) business growth

➤ With future-proof technical solutions for design and building e-commerce platforms

➤ Through our innovations, which ensure a positive impact within the customer journey of your target group

From strategy to tangible realization.

Connecting with your customers, that is digital transformation. Accelerate, excel and innovate. Overtake the competition and lead the way together with valantic.

➤ valantic combines technological expertise with industry knowledge and the human touch.

➤ More than 1,000 European customers rely on valantic

➤ valantic has a unique structure with competence centers and expert teams - always precisely tailored to the digitization needs of companies

➤ The services span the areas of customer experience (CX), supply chain excellence, SAP services, digital marketing and strategy and financial services analytics and automation.

Play to win and inspire success

➤ valantic is passionate. Have love for our profession and carry it out with pride.

➤ valantic is enterprising. Can not does not exist! Think outside the box and make the impossible come true.

➤ valantic is result-oriented. Everything they do adds value for the customer. They are only satisfied with the result.

➤ valantic is open. Always open to feedback, honest and transparent. Even when something goes wrong.

Valantic challenges you to become a frontrunner in your business.
Together you see new opportunities to innovate and grow your business.
They play to win and inspire success.

That's what they go for.
Together, ahead in digital!