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Hi there, we are Yellow Grape

Yellowgrape has been pushing the limits of the possible for 7 years now. With resounding results. Chased customers through the ceiling, won prizes and has now grown into a more than 30-person Yellow family. From the heart of Amsterdam we still do what we are good at and what makes us happy: building next level e-commerce strategies for online retailers and travel organizations.

Success stands or falls with synergy. This goes further than realizing synergy between the different parts of the e-commerce strategy. At least as important is the synergy with our customers' business operations. It is this strategic focus that makes Yellowgrape unique. Our strategic analyzes are largely based on numbers, just as the ultimate strategy relies entirely on data. We build go-to-market plans for existing companies and new initiatives.

Data driven e-commerce

In the past, managing marketing channels was based on a good feeling. That time is thankfully over. Today, data is the starting point. Our data proposition is the basis of our growth and brand awareness, and more importantly: that of our customers. We collect and centralize data from various channels to be able to apply personalization in marketing on a large scale. Squeezely is the central storage point, where data from different sources comes together. We combine data intelligence with creative entrepreneurship. Retention plays a key role here. Our motto is therefore: those who want long-term profit, focus on retention.

Our traffic approach

Generating traffic costs money and is therefore a classic cost-benefit story. Anyone who shoots hail also invests in visitors that yield nothing. That is why we invest in the channel mix that is most profitable for our customer's webshop.

Optimizing traffic and finding synergy between channels is our trademark. Here too, our data proposition comes into play. Within Squeezely, customer profiles and target groups are built, which we then deploy within the right marketing channels. This allows us to target very specifically, personalize customer journeys from A to Z and build sustainable retention flows.

Conversion: The Secret of the Grape

Conversion is the sum of many factors. Traffic, relevance, personalization, design… If you want to get the most out of it, you can control all parameters and ensure optimal synergy. We know how to combine personalization and design extremely well and tweak it to perfection. That is the secret of the Grape. Check out how that went at Happybee.