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You can easily set up your successful personalization strategy with our Success Cases.
We have drawn up five frameworks with fifteen cases with which you can get started right away and get your first results fairly quickly.

Get started quickly with Squeezely's Success Cases to personalize your customer journey from start to finish.
Get your customer recognition in order with Recognize. Or improve product recommendations with Recommend. Make sure that no customer drops out in your funnel with Remind. Entice customers to make a purchase with the cases in it Persuade. And Maximize order values and repeat purchases with Propose.


Recognize visitors on your website?

Collecting customer data is often the first step. Recognize visitors to your website from an email campaign or ask them directly for their details. With Recognize you fill the 360 degree customer profiles with the information you need.


Recognize Emails

Boost your customer recognition from email traffic by applying email hashing. By recognizing email addresses on your website, event data from unknown cookies can be linked to profile data from known visitors. This way you build complete 360° profiles and you can start personalizing the customer journey.


Gather Emails

What is the easiest way to find out the email address of your customers? By just asking. Build a form, put it live in Squeezely and the data is added directly to the 360 degree customer profile.


Enrich Profiles

Get to know your customers better by enriching profiles with relevant information about interests and preferences. Determine what you want to know, create a form in Squeezely and put it live. The rest goes by itself.


Show the right recommendation?

Showing the right product in the right place at the right time is often quite an art. With Recommend you do this based on the collected customer data and you can hardly miss it.


Recommendation onsite

Show website visitors those products they are really interested in. Squeezely combines website behavior with your product feed so that you can show personalized product recommendations to every visitor.


Email Recommendations

Wijs blokken in je emailtemplates aan voor het tonen van een gepersonaliseerd aanbod aan producten. Zo verstuur je iedereen een op maat gemaakte mail. Regel vanuit Squeezely dat er automatisch triggers verstuurd worden zodat ze ook nog op het juiste moment verstuurd worden.


Matching Attribute

Sometimes it can work very well to show products with a matching attribute. Dynamically loads products into a product page based on customer data you previously collected. This way everyone gets to see a personalized offer.


Help them remember

Do you notice that customers are dropping out in your funnel? Then a small reminder can already achieve great results. With Remind you keep them on board and bring your conversions back on track.


Website Reminder

Show previously viewed articles to returning website visitors. This way you not only increase conversions, but you also increase the user-friendliness of your site.


Abandoned Website Journey

Recognize the visitors to your website who have not purchased any items. Then automatically send them an email so that they do put that product in their basket.


Abandoned Cart Journey

They carefully set up a shopping cart, but they don't buy anything. Whatever the reason, you at least send them a reminder. Convenience serves the people.


Online Retargeting

Make optimal use of all your channels to show your products. Reach visitors with viewed products via Facebook, Instagram or Google to increase conversion.


Back in Stock

Is a product back in stock? Then automatically remind your customers that they are available again. Whether in a pop-up on the website or dynamically in an email template, this ensures that everyone stays informed.


Need that last little push?

Persuasion is a tremendous power. You know your products like no other, so Persuade offers the possibilities to optimally highlight this on your website.


Popups and Overlays

You know what you want to say, so leave it to Squeezely. Use our arsenal of pop-up and overlay templates to deliver the right message, in the right place, at the right time.



Gebruik subtiele toevoegingen op jouw productpagina om een verleidingslaag toe te voegen. Laadt bijvoorbeeld dynamische text in die realtime relevante informatie tonen. Zoals de hoeveel producten die er nog op voorraad zijn.


Show proposal they can't refuse?

Get the most out of your funnel with Squeezely? Then you can with Propose. Maximize order values and realize (even) more repeat purchases.


Additional Products

Recommend complementary items to website visitors in the cart or checkout. If you do this on the basis of data that you already have in-house, you will see a huge increase in your order value.


Follow up journey

Stuur suggesties aan klanten die eerder een aankoop hebben gedaan, om de loyaliteit te verhogen.

Unique for each company

Do you have ideas for use cases specific to your company? Book a demo. We are happy to help you put these cases into practice.

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