why squeezely

With Squeezely you keep building better

With customer data you can tailor the customer journey in such a way that it applies to everyone. See immediately what works and what doesn't. Then use these insights to fine-tune your strategy. This way you keep building to achieve better results.

Keep building better

"How can we organize our data better?"

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Manage your data in one clear collection

Are you also slowly going crazy with all kinds of excel files in a forest of shared folders? Then it's time to get started with a Customer Data Platform. Gain insight into the behavior and characteristics of your customers. A 360 degree customer profile is created for each customer. Log in to Squeezely and within a few steps you have all the desired information with you. No more hassle with versions, because everything is real-time.

"How can we use our customer data to achieve better results?"


Let conversions shoot through the roof

Use the insights you've gathered. The sharper the message, the greater the chance of success. With a Customer Data Platform you can use customer data to personalize your website, your advertisements and your mail campaigns to the wishes of your customer. No more hail shooting, but always on edge.

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Customer stories

Would you like to hear from our customers how they like using Squeezely? We have customers in various industries. Select the branch that suits you and check their story!

"How can we build a better customer relationship?"


Personalize the customer journey aimed at your target group

With all this customer data you can tailor the customer journey in such a way that it applies to everyone. This way you not only get better results, but you also offer a lot of ease of use for your customers. Build a Customer Journey based on the wishes and needs of your target group.

"How do we make our work easier?"


Set it up and let it run by itself

With Squeezely you don't need much technical knowledge to personalize your customer journey. It is quite easy to implement our Success Cases yourself. As a result, you are no longer dependent on others before something can be put live. Set a trigger and everything will run automatically for you.


Set it up, check it, improve and repeat

Start, iterate and dominate. With Squeezely you can easily turn an idea into reality. Let it run for a while and check the results. Based on the set attribute, Squeezely automatically indicates all the right actions, but you can of course also interpret the result yourself and build on it. Thanks to this insight and the real-time implementation, you will soon have a street length ahead of your competition.


Predict behavior and act on it in real time

A Customer Data Platform is the beating heart of your marketing department. From Squeezely you direct all actions towards the desired objectives. Collect your customer data from a CRM or by requesting it directly on the website. Squeezely turns this into relevant segments. Connect your email package to it and send the right message to the right person at the right time. Then you remember them on Facebook and Instagram with a tight retargeting campaign.


How customers succeed with Squeezely

We can tell you very well what you can do with our features. But to be honest, our customers can do much better.

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